25 years of extensive experience in providing roofing and shading solutions for events, on any terrain and in any weather, using progressive thinking compatible with the design – OTENTEAM, a subsidiary of HEDONISM, is a full partner to the process of planning and designing the event, as well as to the actual professional implementation.

We at OTENTEAM are leading the use of a variety of advanced roofing technologies, able to adapt to any weather condition while complying with the strictest safety standards.


Our clients benefit from a wide variety of products for events and long-term installations, including wood or aluminum pergolas with transparent sides, truss pergolas integrating fabric or greenery, tents and shading for events, and winter enclosures.

Alongside the diverse array of products, we offer cabling and deck infrastructure solutions. We will gladly provide you with our experience, quality products and planning operating and execution capabilities, allowing you to carry out any even in any weather.

* Unlimited weather solutions * Unlimited weather solutions

* Unlimited weather solutions * Unlimited weather solutions

Our Services


Rental pergolas made to perfectly meet the needs, terrain and weather conditions of your event. A combination of materials, including wood and aluminum beams featuring different finishes and a variety of fabric covers. Our pergolas provide an ideal functional solution for any weather conditions, while aesthetically supplementing the event’s concept and adding a touch of refined luxury.

02Shading Nets

A wide variety of netting solutions for events relying on shading nets and white Daryl fabric shading in different sizes. Thanks to the breathable white cotton fabric and its airy texture, the nets maintain a flow of fresh air. It is an elegant, convenient and flexible solution which we customize to fit any terrain and any crowd and event size.

03Permanent Structures

Planning, production and construction of permanent roofing solutions and enclosure of balconies, yards and gardens for institutions, businesses and banquet halls. We plan and construct with the help of an engineering team, using a variety of raw materials, including wood, aluminum, polycarbonic board, polygala, Perspex and glass. The final product is customized to meet the design and characteristics of the location.

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Exceptional design requires the ability to create freely and implement effectively. No limits and no limitations.

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